Advanced ASP .Net 4.0 (VS 2010) / 4.5 (VS 2013) Training in Baroda

Taking your ASP.NET knowledge one step further with indepth training on web page user interface design and implementation techniques. You will learn how to use the latest user interface features in ASP .Net, including master pages, themes, portals, and WebParts.  Also, you will also learn how to create robust and scalable Web applications, addressing issues such as state management, data access components, caching and localization.

Note: The source code within this training is implemented in visual C# This training uses: * Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition, with the .NET Framework 4.0 * Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

We are also providing final year project training for college students with entire project solution from documentation to implementation of the project.

ASP .Net Course Features

Learn how to create consistent and standardized user interfaces by using master pages, themes, and style sheets in ASP.NET, how to create new Web controls, portals, and WebParts within a site to allow for faster and more efficient site application development. Manage state effectively by using view state, query strings, cookies, and session state for a clean flow of interactive sites. Discover how to use ADO .Net to create data access components for a better framework that can access almost any data source. Refine your skillset to ensure that your next web application is not slow and clunky, but rather takes on a more modern and efficient feel.